BMA Band Profile: Slagatha Christie

Band Members

Stevo, Jesso and Kato, (one day we’ll play with Ro-Ho, when she’s not busy having a life).

Where did your band name come from?

We were legitimately so close to being called Adam Sandals. We were just frothing for a pun. There’s a great Lucksmiths song called ‘English Murder Mystery’ about a girl who loves Agatha Christie more than boys. It resonated with us.

Describe your sound.

So picture a bass going ‘doop doop doop,’ and a drum kit going ‘bad bad bad tishh,’ and then a guitar going ‘wah wah wah,’ and, like, some shouting? Enthusiastic noises all round.

Who are your influences, musical or otherwise?

Aside from Adam Sandler? I mean The Smith Street Band, IDLES, Helena Pop (our cousins in punk), Camp Cope, Shit Present, Self Talk, Jeffo Rosenstock and Courtney Barnett. Mostly it’s people who are stoked about what they’re doing. Honourable mentions to Taylor Swift and Spicy Girls.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had while performing?

Aside from that one time we played a gig where the only payers were Kate’s parents and high school netball coach, there was the show where we snapped two guitar strings before the set even started. We played an entire set without an E or B string on a $99 guitar that was quickly detuning. It was chaotic.

Of what are you proudest so far?

When Joel from Sketch Method told us that was our best show.

What are your plans for the future?

Maybe one day we’ll be a real band and go on tour and record albums and stuff. Maybe learn how to play our instruments too? That’s kind of ambitious but we try hard.

What makes you laugh?

Pretty much everything. Every time we hit a new milestone we like to say, “we’re almost a real band!”. Also, Stevo and Jesso like to take the piss when there’s a serious bit in our songs by tearing up some wild dance moves when we’re practicing. That’s always great.

What about the Canberra scene would you change?

It’s fantastic, the best it’s ever been. We’d be keen for more unashamed pop music, and more new people coming to check out shows. Live music should be accessible to people who aren’t ‘in the know.’ That, and having more faith in local bands. Everyone was a local band once.

What pisses you off?

STEEEEEEEPHEN. Other things too, but mostly Stephen. Also we’ve been trying to start band beef with h. music since like June, but she’s too good at everything and we like her as a person, so it’s not going well.

What are your upcoming Gigs?

Helena Pop Single Launch, September 9

Azim Zain and His Lovely Bones EP2 Launch, September 23

Art School Ball, October 1

We go to other people’s gigs a lot, so like, catch us there too.

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