We Breathed Some New Life Into bmamag.com – But We’re Not Done Yet

Hello, Canberrans, and welcome to your new and improved bmamag.com.

BMA Magazine has been Canberra’s premiere entertainment guide since 1992. As well as keeping up with our monthly magazine, we’re hoping to continue that tradition as we create online content that will satiate your hunger for local talent and entertainment passing through the capital. Expect more news, features and content from us as we move ahead with our reconfigured webmachine.

Our flashy new site has been a long time coming and we’re excited to share with you all of the new features we’re currently working on.

Like this one, for instance: if you look to the right you’ll notice we’ve installed an audio player featuring some of the best songs produced by Canberra artists this year. We hope to maintain this playlist so that you can keep coming back and discovering new musical flavours playing in our cold, little capital city.

You’ll notice that our website is missing a number of things it previously had, however. Not to worry though, as you’ll soon be able to access our Entertainment Guide, giveaways, album and film reviews, and all of the old content as well.

Stick around, and stay tuned while we get things set up!


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