Moaning Lisa, Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers, Oranges @ The Phoenix, Saturday May 6

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with your fingers in your ears, you’ll have noticed that Moaning Lisa is all up in your grill right now. Now they’re taking their show on the road, with this night being the kick off of The Sweetest Little Tour, supported by Oranges and Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers. It was a night for ladies to rock, and rock they did.

Oranges were a very loveable band to jump into the night with. The vocalists harmonised beautifully with one another and their songs were really grabbing the crowd, particularly ‘Hot at Night’. The only thing that stopped me being completely taken over by them was a stiffness that kept creeping over the set, and occasionally they would fall out of sync, but they have that kick-arse girl band factor that will keep people’s attention.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are fast becoming one of our go-to punk girl bands. I wish I was as sick as these ladies when I was 16. Yep, they’re 16. Girls, I’m hooked, I’m coming to all your gigs. And a special shout out to the drummer – thank you for proving that we ladies can keep a beat just as well as the fellas. You are our Patty Schemel, and I thank you.

By the time our beloved Moaning Lisa took to the stage there was hardly room to move. I was pretty concerned for the film crew (oh yeah, a bunch of students from Macquarie University are making a documentary about Moaning Lisa and it’s going to be great). As well as playing all their original bangers, they indulged us in Wolf Alice and Pixies covers. Needless to say, we all went nuts.

Our girls are so ready to strut their stuff on this tour, but I do hope they hurry back before the withdrawals set in.

Party on, girls.


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