LARK – I’m With You

BMA single review by Vince Leigh

Australian music artist Lark’s latest I’m With You is the fifth single release and compatible addition to her catalogue.

I’m With You follows the tracks We Love US!, Hit The Record and Unicorn and utilises a sparkly dance-pop configuration to convey a message of self-affirmation.

From the introduction’s chord progression, one immediately gets a sense of what we’re in for; a pleasing foundation whose melodic choices hovering above are well utilised, emphasising space and rhythmic attributes to make the most of the list-like lyric.

Needless to say, a straight dance kick underpins this all, which is paused in the proceeding pre-chorus to allow for the build and drama of the increased intensity of the lyric—more lists but rather more concise, the words here sparking instant identification and reinforcing the focus: ‘Be the movement and the change / Be fierce, be the fuel’, as the concluding lines offer us. And indeed, it is a life-affirming gesture that is difficult to argue with.

All the requisite dance track affectations, the steadily climbing snare fills, the supporting ambient pads and rock-solid arpeggiators are in place. The chorus lands on a satisfying series of notes, the words making the most of the title’s declaration, a long note swaying nicely on the ‘you’.

Behind the reiteration of the first chorus is a gentle chant-like melody—which actually features throughout—providing a thickening counterpoint to the lead line. The segue into the second cycle of verse, pre-chorus, and chorus is a repeat of the introduction that perhaps pauses proceedings a little too overtly but nonetheless generates a sense of relief when we’re taken back to the verses.

A bridge section follows the second chorus, a largely stripped-back affair, incorporating the marimba-like arp and Lark’s restrained vocal. But once this interval is done, we’re back with the chorus and a doubling down on its key message and corresponding heartening melody.

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