SUPASONIQ – Bottoms Up

Single review by Vince Leigh

Flying the flag of classic power pop-rock.

The debut track from Australian power pop rock duo SUPASONIQ is quite an enthralling mix of old and new, with many a sub-genre subjugated to create a thoroughly enjoyable musical ride.

Drawing inspiration from the new romantic and punk scenes of the 80s primarily but not failing to reveal some 90s influences also, the duo of Eryn Pepyat and Paul Richards have utilised years of performing, writing and recording hours to produce a track that has every chance of standing out—not only for its implicit power and hook value but for the attitude behind it.

From its take-off point, we get a punk sonic aesthetic, the wall of eighth note guitar attacks and an ultimate arena rock drum groove, but we are soon introduced to Eryn’s vocal, which begins unassuming enough but quickly turns into a more mercurial entity, pushing into the chorus to highlight that section’s most appealing and ensnaring elements. But perhaps it isn’t so much entrapment, as the chorus feels naturally made for such a thing, with its long notes and neat two-line tail of

‘Keep em coming/keep em coming.’

The arrangement makes the most of the relevant parts with a differentiated bridge section allowing a change of mood and pace—with its staccato punches and hammering tension—yet not necessarily a change of melodic energy.

As the band says about what’s coming up for them, ‘We have an awesome album, which our Australian and USA labels state that every song could be a single. Our label has a single scheduled for release every eight weeks, with the album dropping with the third single. There is a super killer ballad on the album Back Against The Wall that is screaming movie SYNC.’

SUPASONIQ admirably proves it is flying the flag of classic power pop-rock, not only by its nod to celebrated purveyors of the past but by presenting a record that sounds surprisingly fresh and dynamic and every bit as excitingly palatable as the forces that inspired it.

Head to their website to pre-order your copy of this track!

And keep your eyes peeled on April 7 for the release on Spotify and Apple Music

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