ASIM I.I. – Summertime

BMA Single Review by Vince Leigh

Asim I.I., the emerging hip-hop artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York, has unleashed his second single, Summertime, featuring Keemanee King Chakra and Keisha Martin. The new record harmoniously blends traditional beats of 90s-era hip-hop with contemporary hooks and an air of conviviality. Hailing from the cultural melting pot of Brooklyn, Asim draws inspiration from the legends of the genre, yet incorporates his own optimistic interpretation, resulting in lyrics that exude celebration rather than controversy. After starting his musical journey with the group Malignant, Asim joined forces with Kris Kartel (Kartel Route), and later, with the esteemed producer Angelicvoicesmusic, where he dedicated himself to the worship of Jesus Christ.

Two men, the one on the left, Asim I.I. They appear to be in a studio and are wearing baseball caps and headphones. they are smiling at the camera.

In his songwriting, Asim explores unusual themes, such as water, pasta sauce, films, and divinity—surely a distinguishing feature of his writing technique. According to Asim, the genesis of Summertime was influenced by the works of the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff and was elevated to excellence through the production skills of Angelicvoices. The creation of the song was a spontaneous process, with the beat and evolving into a conversational exchange between the artists. When it came time to add the chorus, they sought a vocalist capable of transposing the song to a new level, and that’s when they discovered Keisha Martin, who proved to be the ideal candidate.

The result was a harmonious match, culminating in filming the accompanying music video with the assistance of long-time friend Kris Kartel. From the opening bars of Summertime, the listener is transported to a summery realm of rhythm and beat. The instrument accompaniment establishes a stable and unyielding basis for the musical landscape, while the verses are broken up by choruses, all accentuating the feeling of freedom and warmth associated with the time of year. Asim Robinson I.I.’s performance on Summertime does the job, demonstrating both his creative expertise and considered approach to style.

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