PUNK AND DISORDERLY: 13 bands, 5 gigs, 1 new venue + new Canberra music

Punk and Disorderly column with Alice Worley

Hey kids! How ya been? Been a hot second I know, but we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up that you really should know about…

Biggest news:

Canberra’s Transit Bar is back, baby!

After a gruelling absence, the beloved Canberra city venue has reopened at long last. The new space is absolutely huge compared to its old spot under the city YHA. Lots of room for the pool tables, spiffy new bar, and the stage looks excellent. The finishing touches, like the neon sign crowning the performers and the CDs and vinyls stuck all over the bathroom walls, really please the eyeballs. 

For everyone that hasn’t checked it out yet because they can’t find it, it’s relocated to Bailey’s corner. Where Hog’s Breath was. You know, that place with the terrible food? Yeah, that’s it.

Speaking of the shiny new Transit Bar, they’ll be hosting Canberra’s shooting stars, lovely ex-locals Moaning Lisa!

Moaning Lisa makes for Canberra smiling

Finally back in town to flaunt their fab debut album, Something Like This But Not This, the awesome foursome will be joined by local beloveds, Nina Leo and Dog World. Be there on Saturday, 19 March if you want a Kim, a Courtney, a Florence, an Annie, a Sid, an Ellen, and/or a Carrie (ticket link here).

Punk gigs galore

Just to mention it again, now that the date is a bit closer, legendary Aussie punk rockers The Meanies are finally going to be hitting The Basement like a ton of bricks on Sunday, 3 April.

The Meanies finally, hopefully, blessedly, are coming to Canberra

Punchin’ air with them will be our local rocker darlings, Charlotte and The Harlots! Come celebrate the new Meanies album, Desperate Measures, with your local punk brethren (ticket link here)! 

If y’all didn’t see my new favourite humans, Fangz, when they hit Canberra last, well now’s your chance. These lovely Sydney boys will be back Saturday, 26 March at The Basement to show off their new EP, Falling Is Pretty Normal.

What a happy bunch of chaps are Fangz

These guys kick it so hard. I had the absolute best night when they were here last and they just know how to put on a show. I cannot stress enough how much you need to go to this gig. They are just the most delightful maniacs and you will be completely smitten by their charming energy. Prove me wrong. (ticket link here)

Canberra Punks Boy Dye: New year, new hair, new music

Local femme punks, Box Dye, will be releasing a new track in mid-March called Best Friend’s Kids, and they’re having a launch at UC Hub to celebrate!

Oh my… it’s Boy Dye

Joining them on the uni stage will be some of my favourite people on the face of this earth, Slagatha Christie, and the up-and-coming group of sentient energy drinks that are st.sinner. Friday, 18 March! Put it on the calendar! This’ll be such a killer night of local punk revelry and shenanigans, ya best believe. (ticket link here)

Western Sydney angels Amends are heading out on tour!

The Blair Witch remake featuring Amends was a much more comedic affair

And they’ll be swinging through Canberra to party with Chasing Ghosts, Sketch Method, and The Burley Griffin at The Polish Club on Sunday 13 March. Absolutely killer line up, so many stunner bands on one bill! This’ll be a sell out show so I’d be getting my tickets early if I was y’all. (ticket link here)

So many stellar nights on the cards for the coming month! Get your butts to these gigs and support your local venues. They can’t survive without you, and could you really survive without them?

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