Potted Potter — The Playhouse — Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 July 2021

Starring talented New Zealanders Tama Jarman and Adam Brown, Potted Potter begins at the beginning with book one: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, or possibly at the end with book seven: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The problem is that Adam has entrusted Tama with engaging a cast of some of the most famous actors in the world, whom Tama has mismanaged into not appearing; with the stage design, which Tama, having not read any of the Potter books, has mistakenly created from other books; and with the appropriately fantastic awe-inspiring props, which Tama also manages to “save money” on by replacing with, er, rather less fantastic and awe-inspiring alternatives.  Adam and Tama, now with a full house, are left with no choice; the two of them must play not only Harry Potter but also everyone else and do what they can to make the most of Tama’s disastrous preparations.  And so we are swept from book to book, or crisis to crisis, with only a few — okay, quite a few — derailments and confusions along the way.

Physically engaging and fast-paced, with plenty of laughs and audience engagement, this is a show that will live long in the memory of youngsters, and there are enough clever inclusions and references for adults that they are sure to be just as entertained.

If you’re between six and very, very old; love Harry Potter and his magical world; and want to take a zany and inventive trip through all seven Potter books in 70 minutes, then Potted Potter is for you.

Potted Potter is on in Canberra for a week before moving on to Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and possibly Sydney.


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