Mish Sharma excoriates her pain in Bris rock powerhouse Torizon’s ‘Find My Way Out’

Review by Kerri Ellis

Brisbane rock powerhouse band, Torizon, launch their latest single Find My Way Out.  

The lyrics were composed by lead singer Mish Sharma after coming out of an emotionally abusive musical relationship, with the intent of empowering others in a similar situation.

As she sings, the musical instruments encase the lyrics, adding weight to the words and the message. You hear two different pitches to produce a prominent overtone, not unlike the push-pull of an abusive relationship.

This is a dark and heavy track. No doubt about it. You feel the pain. You’re taken down a dark tunnel of sounds and emotion.

But, you also feel the empowerment intended by Mish.

The song ends abruptly. Just like the relationship. Although not without intensely impinging upon you with a deep passionate desire to be freed of pain; intense emotional pain felt deeply by anyone that knows an abusive relationship. Mish belts out those awesomely well-penned lyrics with every ounce of her in an effort to release the devil found in that relationship.

Find My Way Out was produced by Robb Torres (Robbery Inc, Trapt) and Capitol Records. Recorded in isolation amidst the global COVID-19 lockdown; the perfect timing, during the great pause, for a time of reflection and the time to re-set the future.

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