Metalise Feb/Mar – Pod People return, Mental Cavity surge, Metal meets The Simpsons + A massive month of remarkable metal at The Basement

Happy new year! Can’t blab on, there’s too much to share.

Danish thrashers Artillery bring the dark hygge to Canberra

Danish thrashers Artillery are taking a break from European winter and hitting The Basement on the Thursday, 6 February along with Mattersphere and Taliesin. Guitarist Michael Stutzer has been with the band since the beginning of their 38-year history and nine album career, and no doubt a classic or two from Fear of Tomorrow will hit the setlist alongside tracks from 2018’s The Face of Fear.

Our varying 75-50% locals Mental Cavity finished 2019 strong with their second album Neuro Siege. It’s received warm reviews around the web and even a flattering review in high profile metal rag Decibel. Their local launch takes place on Friday, 7 February at Tranist Bar and along for the ride is Newcastle’s Post Truth and local grind warriors Blight Worms.

Shananigans 13 (them numbers gonna hit triple figures one day) hits The Basement on Saturday, 8 February with the usual extensive line-up – deep breath now – Our Last Enemy, DepriVation, The Levitation Hex, From Love to Violence, Hence the Testbed, Renegade Peacock, Idiot Dog Brain, Blissphorus, Beta Blockers, Tsunami Puncher, and a new band from ex Na Maza members.

It’s a full night of The Simpsons worship on Wednesday, 12 February with USA Ned Flanders themed outfit Okilly Dokilly joining the robed delights of Dr Colossus at The Basement for all the Springfield you can pack into a can of Duff.

Sunday, 16 February at The Basement loses the mirth and replaces it with skull grinding brutality in the form of Cattle Decapitation, Revocation, and locals Wretch. The latest Cat Decap Death Atlas was a standout in last year’s long list of killer releases and the band a must-see They always make the effort to come to Canberra so make sure you attend.

Wednesday, 26 February brings a big ol’ dose of ’80s classic thrash with Sacred Reich and for the first time ever in Australia, Vio-lence, to town. Prepare the circle pit Basement folks; it’s gonna get rowdy.

On Thursday, 5 March another two USA bands come to visit The Basement with the very brutal Sulfuric Cautery and Girth joining local grind fiends Blight Worms and the carnist flaying Bloodmouth.

Pod People return – I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

Friday, 13 March sees the return of Canberra’s old Belco stoners Pod People at the Transit Bar. The occasion is marked for celebration with the addition of a new Melbourne grind supergroup Remains, who feature members of Melbourne grind syndicate approved acts such as Blood Duster, The Kill, Fuck…I’m Dead, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Captain Cleanoff, and King. Hekate will bring their own peculiar brand of stoner doom stylings and Point 17 shall shake the ceiling with their thrash for a welcome spectrum of riffs from all the metal rainbow.

German heavy psych rockers and wielders of some of the most impressive beards in rock, Kadavar, are coming back to Australia on the Wednesday, 1 April off the back of their seemingly never ending touring schedule which currently finds them in Japan for their latest album For The Dead Travels Fast. This one’s at The Basement.

Thursday, 9 April at The Basement is a big night for the old school with the double bill of DRI looking to further calcify the hips and joints of the ageing old school mosh population of Canberra. Hirax are also on board for maximum ’80s crossover and thrashing delight.

Friday, April 10 at The Basement is a night of epic Australian metal with Melbourne seven-piece Valhalore, Eye of the Enemy, Carmeria, and Triple Kill in celebration of Valhalore’s new single Legacy.

Rock like an Egyptian – Nile roars into town

Egyptian themed death metallers Nile put out a killer album last year with Vile Nitolic Rites and Thursday, 23 April at The Basement is a chance to catch the new material live. They’re doing a full run of Australian dates with Manchester death metalers Ingested and I’ll update you on local supports next issue.

To those that hold the heathen hammer high, Tyr announced their first ever Aus visit and news of a gig at The Basement on Thursday, 14 May with Valkore is welcome.

That’s yer lot for this month. See you next.

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