Metalise Aug/Sep – band of the day, Cradle of Filth, The Mark of Cain ‘n’ more brewtality

Cold frigid winds brought the grim to the ACT recently, but there’s some absolutely brutal frosty riffs on the way to town in the coming weeks.

Earlier this month I played a festival down in Melbourne by the name of Brewtality and it delivered as advertised over three stages in two Collingwood venues: The Tote and The Bendigo. 

King brought forth two new members on bass and a second guitar, and played some new material from an album due out later this year, including a ripper track entitled Cold Mountain

Locals C.H.U.D. then bludgeoned The Bendigo crowd before one of my highlights for the day in Witchcliff from Bunbury, WA, successfully summoned Come My Fanatics-era Electric Wizard sonically, but brought some darker and varied vocal elements through the two guitars and bassist. High Tension, Psycroptic, Lo! and Blackhelm all were also absolutely killer.

Holy Serpent – Winner of the highly coveted Metalise Band of The Day

My band of the day, and the reason for the long segue, was Melbourne doom quartet Holy Serpent. They proved on their 2016 album Temples that they had arrived as a fully fledged force to be reckoned with. On the cusp of a European tour and their new album Endless coming out on 18 October through their US label Easy Ride Records, the band were in devastating form. You can check a preview track on the streams entitled Lord Deceptor and better yet, catch them play with two amazing bands at the Transit Bar on Friday, 30 August.

Potion are preparing to record their own full length album in the coming month or so, an event that is greatly anticipated from all who have caught their EPs and impressive live show. Hekate featuring Marcus (Witchskull/Looking Glass) and Ash on guitar, plus Mal (bass) and Nathan (drums) from Sydney band Los Hombres Del Diablo round out this killer bill.

September welcomes the return of English legends Cradle of Filth and a special tour showcasing their 2nd full-length, 1998’s Cruelty & The Beast in full. Said ‘98 opus on the life of Elizabeth Bathory has a storied reputation as being an amazing artistic record from black metal’s second wave but also from some pundits and former members of the band as being one of the 90’s “best albums with the worst production”. 

Not an ACTUAL cradle of filth, of course…
That would be horrible.

Whatever you may think of that reputation, there’s one way to experience the record that will marry the undeniable quality of the songwriting with a performance that will doubtlessly deliver sonically, and that’s to attend The Basement on Tuesday, 10 September where Mr Filth will be waiting. Virgins blood for extra Bathory-ness is optional.

Eyehategod announced a welcome and extensive tour of Australia slated for November this year, the first visit back since their 2012 jaunt. Canberra is on the cards once again with a The Basement  stop on 11 November. Tickets through Eventbrite courtesy of Soundworks Direct.

Also in tour announcements last month for Canberra, fans of the shredding lord that is ex-Megadeth and Shrapnel Records legend Marty Friedman can cop a night of face shredding delights at The Basement on 14 December in case any of you need an idea for an early Christmas present.

Adelaide’s The Mark of Cain have forged a deep, storied, and frankly well-earned reputation in uncompromising hard-edged rock. 1989 saw the release of their first full-length album Battlesick which laid the foundation for a very fruitful ‘90s that saw the band tour the world and forge a live show that eventually saw drummer John Stanier from American rock heavyweights Helmet, Tomahawk and Battles join in 1998. 

The band are celebrating the 30th anniversary with a national tour along with The Messthetics, a Washington DC three-piece featuring Joe Lally and Brendan Canty of Fugazi and guitarist Anthony Pirog. It all happens on Saturday, October 19 at The Basement and tickets available through Oztix.

And finally, for the old school fans, Metal Church have announced a short Australian tour taking in one Sydney and two Melbourne shows. Crowbar in Sydney are hosting the band on 30 August.

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