[News] Gorman House Arts Centre Comes Alive Today With Autumn Revel!


Words by Allan Sko

BMA has been a small part of Gorman House Arts Centre for the best part of 20 years. Twenty frickin’ years. Good LORD… I’m old, aren’t I?

But today, the centre and its various occupants are throwing open their doors to demonstrate just how wonderful they are, and tout the artistic magic the Centre cultivates.

Behold, through the mighty digital power of “The Link” a full run-down of the program:

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A vital part of this is Director Joseph Falsone; a tireless individual with a vision and drive to make the Centre the best it possibly can be.

What do you have to say, Mr F?

“Autumn Revel promises to be a wonderful showcase of activity at Gorman Arts Centre – a great occasion to remind Canberra of just how vibrant the place is, and to continue to build our ongoing case for greater ACT Government and community support for artists and arts organisations,” he says.

What can we expect from the day?

“It’s jam-packed, with something for audiences of all ages and interests. The event has been widely promoted. I’ll be there throughout the day and look forward to hosting Arts Minister Gordon Ramsay for his second visit to the centre this week, and to seeing you there. ( … And if you need a moment’s respite from all the revelling, I encourage you to wander over to Ainslie Arts Centre where this weekend we’re also hosting a major botanical art exhibition, Flora of Australia).”

That’s our Joseph. Always on the go; always on the hustle. The Centre – nay, Canberra itself – would not be the same without him.

See you later today, eh? And don’t forget the BMA CD Fire Sale is on tomorrow – Sunday May 20. Details here.

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