Renaissance: Get To Know Solomon Grainger

Solomon Grainger

Solomon will be exhibiting his painting at Renaissance

What is the meaning and importance of Art to you, and when do you think you first realised this/ what made you resale this?

To put it simply, I can’t even hazard a guess as to what I would do with my time without Art in its many forms. Art is gratification at the expense of all practicality. Why else should we work so hard other than to surround ourselves with beautiful things and good company?

Could you please give me a brief history of you as an artist?

Art has really been instinctual for me since before I can remember. I have many drawings from when I was a kid. Making art ‘professionally’ has only come about since finishing school, when I first embarked on the Dragons series.

Could you please give me a brief overview of your style and its origins?

The characteristics of my work are actually inspired by my own childhood drawings, which I found to be fascinating and full of wonder in an almost mythical sense. There were imaginary friends and foes, dragons, ships, and ultimately the pictures showed how a young boy interpreted the world at 4 years of age. So I tried to let myself completely loose on the canvas and recreate some of these drawings as oil paintings, and instantly felt the sense of creative freedom I must have had as a boy. I was making marks purely by instinct.

Who or what would be your favourite artist or artwork from the Renaissance period?

Although technically he painted during the Baroque era, as a master of the refinement and artistic skill that Renaissance artists strived for, I would have to give it to Caravaggio. Being himself, a blend of vanity, charisma, and exquisite artistry, he strikes me as one of the most interesting artists and egomaniacs of the time.

Any plans for this year regarding upcoming exhibition, competitions or collections?

Just a week after our event Renaissance, I’ll be holding a solo exhibition named Dire, at Canberra Contemporary Art Space in Manuka, launching on the 8th of March. We will open the show at 6pm with drinks and a short word from me. Everyone is welcome so please come see the work, the show will be running until the 18th.

How are you interpreting the theme ‘Renaissance’ in your artwork for the event?

Honestly I didn’t expect I would be this literal in my response, but after seeing the space I’ll be painting, I felt a strong connection to the story of David and Goliath so you’ll see something pertaining to that legend.

What are the other main themes in your artwork for Renaissance?

In keeping with the themes from my up coming show, I’ll be sure to throw a couple of dragons on the Hamlet wall’s, too.

What about the event Renaissance is most significant or exciting for you?

What I find most significant is being able to be a part of watching my city grow. As a young person who grew up here, I love seeing Canberra’s landscape change and react to the input and influence of local creatives and people with a vision.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

At the moment I’m still buzzing after returning from a magnificent tour of Europe, I’ve been painting ever since I got back.

Do you find Valentines Day a genuine opportunity to celebrate love, or is it just yet another tasteless day framed by commercialism and the media?

I love love, I’m a lover boy. Having said that I spent this Valentines by myself, painting with a glass of wine.

RENAISSANCE is set to take over The Hamlet on Lonsdale Street, Braddon on Friday March 2 from 6pm. Free entry.

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