Believe The Hype: The National Gallery Of Australia Gets Hyper Real

Patricia Piccinini with her work ‘The welcome guest’ at The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

The National Gallery of Australia is about to take the weird and wonderful Hyper Real experience to the next level with Hyper Real Nights, three unforgettable evenings of cutting-edge cocktails, astonishing sculptures and live performances.

Kicking off tonight, and featuring the Australian Dance Party, spoken word poet Omar Musa and electric violinist and local hero Mr. Michael, Hyper Real Nights will run on November 10, 17 and 24, inviting visitors to embrace the uncanny and experience the familiar in extraordinary ways.

Expect body art, virtual reality, dance, poetry and musical boundary-pushing, all through the lens of the NGA’s breathtaking new exhibition, Hyper Real.

In short: believe the Hype.

Grab your tickets for HYPER REAL NIGHTS here. HYPER REAL runs at The National Gallery of Australia until February 18.

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