The Chaser Quarterly and The Shovel Present: The Anti-Experts Guide to Everything

At the beginning of 2020, The Chaser’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloeffel took the Adelaide Fringe by storm in a series of sold out shows, taking the piss out of amateur politicians who don’t know what they’re doing in a crisis and the occasional jab or seven at anti-Vaxxers. Ironically, the tour was hit by a virus.

Luckily, Charles and James managed to hoard enough toilet paper to make themselves very, very, very rich, and so once the troubles have ended, they’ll be returning to the stage, in what is a remarkably prescient comedy tour de force.

Dr Charles Firth (The Chaser) and Prof James Schloeffel (The Shovel) are packing up their healing crystals to go on a tour from one side of this flat earth to the other, presenting one hour comedy lecture all the secrets doctors, scientists and all the other “experts” don’t want you to know.

How to cure Coronavirus the natural way
Did you know that climate change graphs look very different indeed if you turn them upside down?
Have you ever noticed the alarming number of celebrities who have been vaccinated and then later died?
Did you know that over 99% of people who die in car crashes have eaten sultanas at some point in their life? And yet the government refuses to ban sultanas!
No matter what months of self-isolation has done to your brain, this show will alarm even the most level-headed conspiracy theorist. Charles and James take on topics that others fear to address for fear of looking like a total idiot.

Quotes about this show:

“Five stars – the best show I’ve ever been in” – Charles Firth, The Chaser

(Real) quotes from previous shows:

“A ceaseless barrage of acerbic one-liners.” – Millie Bull, Theatre Travels

“I left with a score stomach from laughing extremely hard.” – Tara Ramsay, Theatre Travels

“A great way to tear up with laughter – or genuinely cry – at the state of Australian politics.” – Daryna Zadvirna, Grok Online

Tickets are $46.90 + $5.95 booking fee and can be purchased here.


A Message from The Chaser Quarterly and The Shovel

Due to a ‘global pandemic’ masterminded by Bill Gates and The Illuminati, Charles Firth (from The Chaser) and James Schloeffel (from The Shovel) have had to postpone their show The Anti-Experts Guide to Everything at the Canberra Theatre Centre.

As much as Charles and James would love to do the show this year, being locked-down Melbournites, they can’t legally enter the ACT. On the plus side, it’s been a pretty good year for anti-expertise and conspiracy theorists so there will be a whole lot of new material added to the show.

We promise, it will be worth the wait.

The new date and time is Tuesday 4 May 2021 7.30pm.

Ticketing information
As current ticket holders, your seat allocation will change to allow for appropriate physical distancing. You will receive new tickets with your updated seating allocation closer to the event date.

If you opted for venue collection, your new ticket(s) will be available to collect from the Box office on the day of the show.

It’s important you use these new tickets to gain access to the new performance. Tickets for the old performance will no longer be valid.

If you cannot make this new date and would like to request a refund please email to request a call back. Our team is working hard to respond as quickly as possible, we thank you for your patience as we work through these changes.

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Tue May 4
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

The Playhouse

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