You Are Here Festival Artist Call Out


After a year away, the happy news is that the You Are Here Festival will return in 2019. And with the fest comes the call out to all you artists.

The YAH crew got in touch to tell you how to get involved.

“The callout for YAH 2019 is open and we’re doing things very differently this year!” say they. “Go to the above link and you’ll see that we’ve done our best to explain the new model and how you can be involved. That said, we want you to come straight to us with your questions, comments, ideas and concerns!

“You guys are our core crew so while the official artist callout closes Monday March 4, we’re giving some extra time to anyone who receives this email. You’ll have until 11.55pm on Friday March 8 to apply and be apart of this new, even more experimental version of You Are Here.

“And when it comes to feedback and thoughts of any kind we don’t just want to hear from artists! Part of streamlining our operation is to allow for more year-round coms with the people whose insights we value, and that means you!

Love You All,
– Team YAH”

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