BMA CD Fire Sale 2 – Electric Boogaloo (This Sunday June 3, Gorman House, 10am-5pm)


Presented by Allan Sko

So nice we’re doing it twice!

As mentioned before, BMA is moving office and BOY howdy, do we have an excess of CDs to offload.

The initial BMA Sale saw the music loving masses turn out in droves to snaffle many a bargain of brilliant music.

This said, there are still hundreds and hundreds of musical treasures that can be all yours for a song.

Different to last sale, this time around if you find yourself not carrying much physical cash-money (and who does these days?), we can do an on-the-spot direct transfer.

And word to the wise; if you or someone you know bangs their head to the hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass or EDM beats, there is a plethora of delights spanning two decades to nab.

Here’s the original spraff from the last article (with a change of date, natch):

Now in its 26th year, a hefty weight of musical wonders have been amassed over this time. Adding to this, Bossman Allan Sko will be opening up his own extensive private collection for purchase that means there will be something for everybody.

There’s a broad range to peruse including EDM, rock, metal, drum ‘n’ bass (oh there’s a LOT of drum ‘n’ bass… My personal weakness), country, classical and everything in between including classics from the past, new releases as well as exclusive promos and pre-releases.

Costs are between 50c and $3, or come in and make an offer.

Details are as follows:


This Sunday, June 3

10am – 5pm


Block B

Gorman House Arts Centre

Corner office on the Ainslie Avenue side, closest to the Canberra Centre

(listen for the pumping jams being played)

We look forward to seeing your beautiful selves there.

If you have any enquiries, whip off an email to and he/I shall answer as best I can.

Love ya.

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