Metalise – August / September 2017

We had a good chat with King last issue and it’s timely to remind you all that there is an absolutely killer show at The Basement this weekend, but there’s a bit happening in Melbourne metal circles worth mentioning as well.

So King Parrot dropped the first video from their forthcoming album Ugly Produce entitled ‘5 Pounds of Shit in a 10 Pound Bag’, which hit Rage and the interweb in the last couple of weeks. Featuring bassist and Australian metal’s best comedic actor Wayne ‘Slatts’ Slattery as the protagonist of a kinky visit to an S&M club, wearing a strap on dildo on his forehead throughout the clip, it’s some depraved shit. The album is out on Friday September 22 and you can pre-order now through Nerve Gas online. The guys then head off to tour the USA and Europe with Superjoint, nee Superjoint Ritual.

Former Triple J host of The Racket, Andrew Haug and his brother Paul have been members of the band Contrive for the better part of 20 years. They had an extended hiatus following the death of their father a couple of years ago, but have used the experience as the catharsis that drove their new album Slow Dissolve due out on Friday September 1.

As that door opens, another Melbourne journey is coming to an end in a few months’ time. The Brewtality festival was headlined by Blood Duster a couple of weeks ago and in the press leading up to it, Jason PC announced the end was nigh for Australia’s long serving grind rockers. This caused a bit of confusion in the social medias, with many reporting that the fest gig at the Tote was it. This is not the case. There will be one final show in early December as a farewell and I think that will likely be mental.

This brings us full circle as Blood Duster vocalist Tony Forde also fronts his new musical endeavour King. The show on Saturday August 19 is massive with nine bands in between the front and back rooms for a mere 20 bucks. The night will feature performances by Blackhelm, Black Jesus, Mytile Vey Lorth, Darkhorse, Claret Ash, Black Mountain, Somnium Nox and The Plague. That’s a big night of metal for 20 skins.

In international news, the support for the Sydney show of thrash titans Kreator and Polish death metal lords Vader has gone to Daemon Pyre for the show at the Manning Bar on Saturday September 9.

The Melvins have also announced a package tour with Redd Kross hitting the Factory Theatre in Marrickville on Thursday November 9. I’m still realllllllly keen to see The Melvins’ documentary The Colossus of Destiny, as I have heard wonderful things about it. They’re touring album #25 (!!!) entitled A Walk With Love & Death.

Just want to drop a shout out to our departing editor Andrew Nardi to say thanks for putting up with my perpetually late backside and wish you all the best in your exciting new job. All the best pal.

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