Metalise – July / August 2017

Soundworks announced a couple of weeks back the extreme metal tour of the year under the moniker Campaign for Musical Destruction. Featuring grind pioneers Napalm Death, metal’s most brutal vatos Brujeria, and grind supergroup Lock Up, along with Aussie stoner doomsters Black Rheno, the seven-show tour leaves one wondering how Shane Embury is going to handle all that work and remember 50 odd songs a night being the bassist for three of the four bands. They’re not stopping in here unfortunately, but you could catch them at the Factory on Wednesday October 11. However, if you have the dollars or the will to take on the 13-hour drive, the Adelaide show is pretty special.

The New Dead Metalfest is in Adelaide on Saturday October 7 at Fowler’s Live. Along with the above-mentioned bands, the reformed classic Melbourne death metal legends Abremalin, along with Truth Corroded, Orpheus Omega, In Malice’s Wake, Earth Rot, Alkira, Miazma, Blunt Shovel, Hybrid Nightmares, Voros and Hidden Intent complete the bill. That’s $70 for the festival, but it is all ages. Great tour.

Slower and closer to home, Law of the Tongue come out of hibernation, ironically during the middle of winter, at the Basement in Belco on Friday July 14. BØG from Melbourne are on an album launch tour and bring WRØNG and Panic Burst into the tent to round out the bill.

Wednesday August 2 sees the return of Thy Art Is Murder, fresh from confirming that Shannon Noll was never in the running after CJ McMahon left the band in an amusing article on Music Feeds. Fortunately CJ is back in the saddle now along with some new tunes, a renewed vigour and the new album Dear Desolation in the can for an August 18 release and The Death Sentence tour ahead of them. It’s on at the Basement with Alpha Wolf, Deadlights and freshly minted UNFD, WA band Cursed Earth.

It’s been a pretty solid year for new music. I’m currently spinning Elder’s Reflections of a Floating World a whole lot and loving the slightly grittier production over 2015’s Lore. The guitar playing is stunning as ever, particularly on track two, ‘The Falling Veil’ which brings me all the feels at about 1:34 into the track. Sus it.

Locals Mental Cavity finished tracking their full-length album in Melbourne in June and it shouldn’t be too long til you get to hear the results. They’ve recorded once again with Matt Deslandes, who has been busy this autumn/winter, also recording the new High Tension record with ex-Canberra frontwoman extraordinaire Karina Utomo firing her formidable vocal chops up for another attack.

You can read my chat with King elsewhere in the issue, but the rest of the bill is a stomper with Blackhelm, Somnium Nox, Claret Ash and Black Mountain rounding out Saturday August 19’s show at The Basement.

Deez Nutz bring the party to the Basement on Tuesday August 22, with Void of Vision, Dregg and Beerwolf.

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