Power Pussies #3 Burlesque @ Polit Bar, Friday June 23

Photo by Steve Morris.

This edition of Power Pussies was a sell-out and Rebelle Velveteen started the night with a sassy feather fan dance, in her favourite colours of purple she stripped behind her fans, sat on a patrons lap and introduced emcee, cabaret singer and producer and performer Sophie DeLightful (Melb) who sung a slow jazzy version of ‘Let Me Entertain You’. Sophie stripped in a flirty style, out of her pink boas while Rebelle concealed her with her fans. Sophie thanked the crowd and acknowledged the males in attendance too.

Rainbow performed her well known ‘Cheap Wine’ tassel twirl routine. Wearing long gloves, she stripped them off revealing tassels attached to her triceps. With gorgeous facial expressions she was funny and coy as she then stripped to also reveal tassels on her buttocks (assels) and while tasselling in frenzy she poured wine all over herself. It was hilarious.

After another sultry song by Sophie, Liberte LaFemme (Syd) performed a sensual contemporary routine, covered in metal chains sealed by a padlock, she offered patrons keys to unlock her. Once unlocked she crouched over fabric canvas, pouring red paint on her torso and spreading it all over. She then printed her body onto the canvas. Then, pouring a large amount of white paint over herself, she smeared the white over the red to cover her print completely in the shape of a cross. The crowd absolutely loved it.

After an intermission, Sophie returned to do an entire set of reading poetry from her diary, themed on being misunderstood (people have already made up their minds about you), and how the curl at the end of her lip makes you think that she wants you, but you should think twice about the outcome of words. After two more songs, Sophie sung with keyboard player Michael Chalk; and then Sophie performed another humorous song that included two very willing male patrons in compromised positions.

The cast then came out singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Rebelle, and presenting her with a vagina-shaped cake. She blew out birthday candles attached to Liberte’s breasts to thunderous crowd applause. Artemis Seven then performed wearing a burnt gold taffeta outfit. She body-popped and strutted all over the available space, morphing into her twerking style that she is well known for as she stripped. With beautiful arm and hand placement and her intense, focussed stare she is spellbinding to watch. She made many new fans at this show.

The finale by Hannie Raegan (Syd) was quirky and hilarious, miming to ‘I Want To Be Evil’ as Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. She stripped out of her black dress to a purple sequinned dress, then stripped to straddle a giant blow-up poison bottle and the performance ended with a big confetti explosion. With amazing facial expressions she represented the character perfectly.

Thank you Sophie for giving us a fun, flirty, sassy, sensual and very feminine show. The crowd and I had a great time.

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