The Last Exposure, Slagatha Christie, Sleeping Dogs, Maxine Kauter Band, h. @ The Phoenix, Saturday June 17

Photo by Alice Worley.

ANU Bar’s Finale show caused quite a stir with the lack of representation in their line-up. Well, with every action there is a reaction, and that was what this gig was.

h. Oh my god. This set put me in a strange, dystopian landscape of dreaminess. The kind of music that you lie down on your bed and cry to, not because it’s sad, but because it’s beautiful. Gave me those Portishead: Dummy feels.

Maxine Kauter Band (SYD) came to the rescue as Earache had to unfortunately pull out of this gig due to clashing schedules. Maxine, I would have absolutely loved to have seen your ‘Beauty And The Bastard/Washed Up On A Star’ Disney covers set. It sounds amazing.

Sleeping Døgs are becoming much more comfortable on the stage and their vocals are finally starting to be heard over the guitar and drums. And you have to give props to Maya for learning that bass in such a short time. Snaps to you, girl.

Slagatha Christie are so much fun to watch. Punky, vulgar rock chicks that clearly love what they do and don’t give a shit if you aren’t vibing it. That Taylor Swift cover was everything, and I love you.

And at around midnight we finally came to The Last Exposure (SYD). I am still riding the crest of the wave of feels that engulfed the pub. Chelsea’s vocals are absolutely phenomenal. Some of those high notes left me with my jaw on the floor. She was actually giving me flashbacks to when I saw Lady Gaga five years ago. Yes, I’m serious. And Hayley, you just shredded those guitar solos. And shout out to the drummer for wearing a Moaning Lisa shirt, we felt the Canberra love. The whole band was just tight as; so much beautiful hair being flicked about, and I have been listening to ‘Echo’ and ‘Human’ on repeat on Spotify since the gig. They will return in September, I highly recommend you all catch them. Actually, you have no choice. You’re all going. That’s final.

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