Why: CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize

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‘Deposit Wall’ (2017) by Alex Hobba

Artists > Jeremy Brown, Dean Cross, Bryan Foong, Alex Hobba, Skye Jamieson, and Nyx Mathews. Curated by Angus McGrath, winner of CAPO’s 2017 Curatorial Internship Award.

WHY is typified by a bold, minimal aesthetic. Across media, an attitude and critical stance of doubt permeates the show. Some works play with function; others critique the institutions with which art makers are awkwardly obliged to engage; others focus on identity. Although these concerns may seem divergent, all the artists acknowledge and respond to the broader, absurd present in which their practice exists. WHY doesn’t aim towards solving the big issue of these artistic and societal uncertainties, and instead mulls in existential confusion towards the present. Isn’t that expected from the youth of today?


Sun Jul 22
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Belconnen Arts Centre

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