The Penelopiad By Margaret Atwood

7–17 July 2021

Produced by Crouching Giraffe Productions in association with papermoon theatre

Directed by Kate Blackhurst

Penelope, the wise and patient wife of the ancient Greek hero Odysseus, has passed beyond the veil of death. From Hades – the land of the dead – Penelope can see everything about her past and present, including her historical reputation as a perfectly faithful wife. However, she is haunted by the blood on her hands: the deaths of her twelve maids who were slaughtered by Odysseus under false pretences. Begging the audience not to follow in her footsteps, Penelope re-tells the story of The Odyssey from her point of view through a series of visions spanning her life.

This is an all-female cast of thirteen actors in which the women play all the parts, both the maids at the centre of the play and the male characters who control and abuse them. With tight choral vocals, original choreography and passionate interpretations, we ask (along with Margaret Atwood), what led to the hanging of the maids, and what was Penelope really up to?

Tickets are $30 – $40 + $5.95 fee from venue website.

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Wed Jul 7
7:30 pm – 9:45 pm

The Courtyard Studio

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