That Poetry Thing: Chris Collins & Zoe Yapp + Open Mic


Chris Collins is a narrowboating, Morris dancing, shanty singing English teacher who writes. She likes folk tales and mythology and their links to landscapes, and she engages with this in her writing. She’s sorry about the UK. She has been published by Cicerone Journal, Not Very Quiet, Saccharine Press and Cephalopress.

Zoe Alexandria Yapp (叶可馨) has no idea where she’ll end up in two months time – renewing her VISA, remaining a little pessimistic but hopeful for the new year. Asian-American and Sino-Kadazan, primarily identifying as a third-culture kid, she spends time considering communication and kindness. Previously a regular at the Open @ TPT, she’s currently transitioning into the next stage of adulthood.

Current obsessions include wondering if humans were born to be happy and if there’s a solution to love not being enough. She released a poetry and art zine ‘Penitence’ in 2019. More of her poetry can be found

Plus our ever-excellent open mic! So bring a poem.

Tickets are $10/$5 – buy online through Smith’s Alternative or at the door.

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Mon Feb 15
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Smith's Alternative

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