Stillness and Rest by Valentina Schultz, Tracing Silence by Kristin Diemer & Senga Peckham and Dieback by Sammy Hawker

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PhotoAccess is proud to present an all female line up with three new exhibitions, opening in the Huw Davies Gallery 6pm Thursday 9 May, Stillness and Rest by Valentina Schultzre-imagines landscapes as sculptural photographic forms; Tracing Silence by Kristin Diemer & Senga Peckham explores memory and place, while Dieback by Sammy Hawker consideres the eerie phenomenon of mass-tree extinction.

The exhibitions will be opened by Dr Martha Sear, Head Curator, Anthropocene Australia Centre, National Museum of Australia at 6pm on Thursday 9 May.

Through her multi-piece geometric photo-sculptures depicting mountain ranges, ocean vistas and ice formations, Sydney based artist Valentina Schulte’s Stillness and Rest experiments with terra forming, creating new, minimally imagined global landscapes.

‘Stillness and Rest continues my experimentation with evolving the photographic image into sculptural forms. Taking an image from two to three dimensions creates a new set of parameters that challenges how the photographic image is understood as a medium’, says Schulte.

Using lumen and casein sun-print processes, Kristin Diemer and Senga Peckham’s Tracing Silence brings together diverse approaches to collaborating with and recording the fluid agencies and ephemeral sensory experiences of places.

Speculating on an Earth post climate-apocalypse, Sammy Hawker presents Dieback, a video installation exploring the eerie phenomenon of mass-tree extinction in the Snowy-Monaro.

Sammy states ‘We are seeing the consequences of climate change – both expected and unexpected. Dieback is part of an ongoing body of work documenting climate affected sites to reveal that when ecology is out of balance, familiar landscapes become dysfunctional and are rendered foreign’.

Thu May 9 – Sat Jun 8
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