Sonny & the Sunsets

With The Careerists. Sonny & the Sunsets are a beautiful west coast thing. Birthed from the sand, the surf, and twilight campfires down in Ocean Beach, Sonny & the Sunset’s busted beach-pop songs spark recollections of doo-wop’s otherworldly despair, a dose of goofball humour from the Michael Hurley school, and positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman. Helmed by the singer/songwriter, playwright, author and onetime troubadour Sonny Smith, The Sunsets have featured a revolving door line-up over the years, and for the 2018 Australian visit will include Sunsets regular Tahlia Harbour as well as esteemed locals Shaun Gionis (Boomgates) and Mark Monnone (The Lucksmiths, Monnone Alone).

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Sun Oct 21
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