Smith’s Varietal #164

Our MC this week is Jonah Myers.

Appearing will be: 

  • 9:30 p.m. Songwriters in the round, featuring The Differs: Sal Viejo, Jonah Myers, & Jaclyn Konst
  • 10:00 p.m. Dylan & Jarrod (DJ Guitar)
  • 10:30 p.m. Weather
  • 11 p.m. Tutant Meenage Neetle Teetles

Another Wednesday night, another night of exploring the unexpected further reaches of Canberra’s performing-arts community. Smith’s Varietal is open to all comers, with no restrictions on genre, style, vulgarity, art form. We will accept virtually anything and anyone: dance, origami, balancing acts, acrobats, sexual fantasists, impressionists, expressionists, depressionists, nappy-boy wrestling, muscle man flexing, magicians, comedians, bonsai demonstrations, cheer girl/boys, burlesque… anything interesting, unusual, entertaining, humorous, etc., but not illegal or degrading to the human spirit.

Tickets: $10, at

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Wed Oct 2
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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