Small Town Alien with Freelings

Extraterrestrial folky fun.
Jack Hookey (guitar/vocals) is joined by the consummate professionals David Wise (bass/vocals) and Willem Ayamiseba (drums) for a sonic journey of epic proportions; all the while sitting in a luxurious leather sofa. There will be laughs, cries, yips of ecstatic bliss, existential philosophy, jarring non-sequiturs and engrossing, Woodstock-esque jam sessions. Also featuring the volcano-in-waiting Ruby Donnelly on vocals and 4 notes of trumpet.

Small Town Alien will be supported by the captivating Canberra trio Freelings.

All are welcome, humans and aliens alike.

Tickets $10/$15 via venue website.

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Sat Jul 31
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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