SENES Flamenco Ensemble – flamenco dance & music

Experience the art of movement as SENES Flamenco Ensemble bring their live flamenco dance & music to Canberra for one night only!

SAT 13th March @ Smith’s Alternative
Show #1 : 6:00pm – 7:15pm
Show #2 : 7:30pm – 8:45pm


Strictly limited capacity.

Based in Melbourne, SENES Flamenco Ensemble brings live flamenco dance & music performances to diverse audiences since 2011. Its central ideas are motivated by freedom for artists to express themselves through dance and music in an authentic, truthful manner and to connect with the public through the art of flamenco.

The ensemble aims to inspire cross-cultural understanding through sharing the art of flamenco music and dance. Working in conjunction with talented artists across diverse genres, it is dedicated to the development of multicultural performing arts and arts education in Australia.

Senes Flamenco is recognized for their moving, evocative dance pieces and distinctive sound of talented musicians which has lead them to be highly sought after ensemble

Aya Kataoji (dance/cajon/vocals)
Alejandro Florez – Guitarist (flamenco guitar/composer)
Luke Koszański Music (guitar/percussion)

SENES FLAMENCO – biography
With over 20 years experience in Flamenco, Aya is a captivating dancer with a distinctly traditional yet unique style. Commencing flamenco dance at a young age in Triana, the heart of Seville, Spain Aya is one of Australia’s small handful of active Flamenco artists today.

She is an accomplished dancer and a versatile percussionist and singer, dedicating her life to dance, music performance and teaching.
As a result of her continuing passion for flamenco dance and a demand for live performance in Australia, Aya created Melbourne-based ensemble “SENES Flamenco” in 2011, featuring lead guitarist Alejandro Florez. In the same year, “Centro de Flamenco Melbourne” was established to share her knowledge of flamenco through regular dance classes and workshops and promote wellbeing in the local community.

Over the past 10 years, Aya has presented her shows regularly as part of major multicultural events and national arts festivals in Australia with her ensemble and as guest dancer for Solquemia.

As a soloist dancer, Aya regularly travels to Spain each year to perform and collaborate with local Spanish artists, consistently training and developing new creative works. Aya presented her solo dance show “Son de La Calle” in Seville in 2019 with Carlos Lobo and Ernesto Bravo.

She has also featured in flamenco venues in Spain and was invited to perform by maestro José Galván at the Peña Cultural Don Cecilio TBO Sevilla.

Currently based in Melbourne, Aya continues promoting flamenco through live performances, classes, cultural workshops, school incursions and realising independent projects such as “Flamenco for Health & Wellbeing”.

Alejandro Florez – Guitarist – bio
Alejandro Florez began playing at 17, and having played extensively around Australia and overseas with the Santos Guitar Trio, established Solquemia in 2009 as a means of presenting his original music to the public.

Alejandro’s debut album, SOLQUEMIA, was independently released in 2010. It consists of his original compositions with influences from the music of both Spain and Latin America. His second album, LIMONERA, was launched in 2012 as the result of his multicultural collaboration with local artists.

As of late, Alejandro has focused his efforts on his home town of Melbourne, returning to his inspiration to first pick up the guitar; Flamenco. After travels to Spain again, he currently performs locally and regularly with Luke Koszański in the Solquemia guitar duo and as guitarist for Senes Flamenco dance ensemble. He has collaborated with guitarist Sergio Ercole at Paris Cat Jazz club and regional wineries. Alejandro is an in-demand flamenco guitar teacher and frequently sought after as a sessional recording artist.

Luke Koszański Music (bio)
Luke Koszański’s music is shaped by his father’s blues and rock music, and the diverse international artists he has played with such as Ali Birra, Mahmoud Ahmed, Nhatty man (Ethiopia) Yusupha Ngum (Gambia) The Black Sistaz (West Papua) Purbayan Chatterjee and Sheldon d’Silva (India). Luke was also a member of The Senegambian Jazz band, whose debut album won Best Global Act for The Age Music Awards.

Luke’s sensitivity to the intricate nature of world music has made him a highly sought after musician across many genres. Recently he has collaborated with Solquemia and Senes Flamenco and has been an integral part of the new compositions presenting today.

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Sat Mar 13
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Smith's Alternative

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