Scroggin Live Album Recording

$15/10, tix:

Scroggin are recording an album and they want you to be there!

Recording in a studio’s no fun; you play a foot-stomping burner of a tune, but no one stomps their feet; you tell some quality one-liners between songs and people say you’re wasting expensive studio time. Not so for a live recording.

Bring your enthusiastic selves along and you too could be immortalized in a Spotify playlist somewhere. Your (in-between songs) heckles may even make their way onto the album.

Expect a potpourri of Bluegrass, Country, and Australian folk songs as Scroggin digitize all their favourites before embarking on a quest for new songs to play.

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Sat Dec 14
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Smith's Alternative

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