Queen Size

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“We are not related by blood, but by blood”, Castor whispered to Pollux as they passed each other on cusp of day for night.

Speculating on what is possible for identities to exist on the fringes of the gender spectrum, Queen Size asks the same proposition Castor did to Pollux; we are not related by blood, but by blood. Queen Size is a queer re-telling of the Disocuri or Gemini myth. The exhibition uses photography and drag’s shared properties of illusion, transformation and magic as a framework to validate and recognise non-binary identities, how they come into being and how they can be diversely represented. The figures of Castor and Pollux are re-written as Sugar Boi and Spicey Boi, non-gendered twins who simultaneously embody the hyper feminine glamour of a drag queen, the hyper machismo of a drag king and their personal sense of hyper self-awareness.

Sun Sep 23
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ANCA Gallery

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