QL2 Dance Presents: REBEL

20 – 22 May 2021

REBEL is QL2 Dance’s major project for 2021 for our Quantum Leap ensemble.

As our world is transformed dramatically and events are unfolding that had been foretold but the warnings unheard, how do we find the way forward? Who will lead us all? We have looked for answers and inspiration in our past, in this era when activism brought deep changes in the world and reflected on the present, on the how and when and what. REBEL.

There is courage, strength and a creative tempest in our collective roots from which to gather the inspiration we need to create our tomorrow and face our challenges.

From the past to the present we draw our combined strength to unite and write a different story, one with empathy for all humans and a will to lead the changes we need together.

We need major societal changes and we need it now. We want to rise and have our collective voices heard and we want to make lasting and sustainable changes for future generations.

Choreographers: Ruth Osborne, Steve Gow, Jack Ziesing and Jodie Farrugia.

Tickets from $28 + $5.95 bf from venue (link here).

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Thu May 20
7:00 pm – 8:45 pm

The Playhouse

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