Punknats 3

Join ‘BRA BANDS Sketch Method and Charlotte and the Harlots plus eight QUALITY artistes, FANGIN’ down the Federal for your EARGASMIC PLEASURE:
Charlotte and the Harlots (CBR) 2-2.40pm
OAF (SYD via QBN) 2.50-3.30pm
Pilots of Baalbek (Space) 3.40-4.20pm
Australis Uber Alles (DKs covers) 4.30-5.10pm
Tweekerz (south of Bornhoffen) 5.20-5.50pm
Space Boozzies (Space) 6-6.40pm
Stacy Gacy (SYD) 6.50-7.30pm
Cream Soda (SYD) 7.40-8.20pm
Sketch Method (CBR) 8.30-9.10pm
Unbound (BNE) 9.20-10pm
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Sat Jan 5
2:00 pm

The Old Canberra Inn

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