Milk: By Dylan Van Den Berg

Like a smack in the face. That’s how I’d describe it.

On the precipice of something life changing, a young Palawa man plunges into an exploration of self and Country.

Carried with the winds of a metaphysical Flinders Island, the land of his mob and the place where it all happened, he is drawn back to the dawn of colonization. To a woman who bore the brunt of the oppressors’ violence and then forward to her granddaughter, who buried the truth as a means of survival. Stirring up stories together, with parts both achingly sad and unexpectedly funny, what unfolds reveals by slow degrees painful but important truths.

Canberra-grown, 2020 Griffin Theatre and Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award winner, playwright Dylan Van Den Berg brings to the stage the uneasy personal process of reconciliation. To what extent can people align themselves with Indigenous legacies of resilience when they are also related to their oppressors? Does the passage of time undermine connection to Country?

Starring award-winning Mandandanjii & Darambal woman Roxanne McDonald [Parramatta Girls, Mabo] and Katie Beckett [Redfern Now, Sunshine Girl, Which Way Home] with Dylan Van Den Berg Milk is a story of longing, of connection and the ghosts of the past.


Character A: Roxanne McDonald
Character B: Katie Beckett
Character C: Dylan Van Den Berg

Direction: Virginia Savage
Set & Costume Design: Imogen Keen
Lighting Design: Gerry Corcoran
Sound Design: Peter Bailey

A Street Produced Contemporary Theatre Production

Tickets range from $45-$32. For details and bookings, click here.

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Thu Jun 3
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

The Street Theatre

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