Mic Conway and Robbie Long

Tickets : $25 / $20
BOOK NOW: : https://www.smithsalternative.com/events/mic-conway-with-robbie-long-63313

In a circus of comedy, music and magic, Mic Conway presents an hilarious array of idiosyncratic songs that will make your jaw drop, toes tap and sides split. Audiences who know this ARIA-award winning entertainer from “Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band” and Circus Oz will be delighted by this incarnation: Mic as storyteller of tall tales and true. He takes the stage with Robbie Long (multi-instrumentalist and Australian Flat Pick Guitar Champion). There’s magic, juggling, cavorting and that trademark tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Stripped back, irreverent, and shameless… it’s surreal vaudeville for crooning and swooning.


Live in Wismar, Germany : https://youtu.be/ABAaQMa303Q
“Masochism Tango” : https://youtu.be/Ma-pudJ3BYU
“Street of Dreams” medley : https://youtu.be/xtLJuI-qzII
Huon Valley Mid-Winter Fest 2015 : https://youtu.be/RlLQdYwFcyE

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Fri Dec 6
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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