Liquid Dreams by #Water_Voices, an immersive night

Liquid Dreams are stories and memories that explore our relationship with water – listening to the rain, crying, learning to swim, living through a drought … Liquid Dreams is an immersive and participatory moment, weaving live performance and art installation of visual, social and written anecdotes together.

Liquid Dreams is an interactive exhibition presented by #Water_Voices, a collective project established in response to drought in 2019 by artists Beth Johnston, Elissa Jackson, Xingweiai Fang & Zora Pang. Guest artists include DJ & sound artist Hei Zhi Ma & poet Zhi Yi Cham (ShaYu), movement artist Shiara Astle, and photographer Kenton/Davey (Oculi).

What are your Liquid Dreams, water memories?

Tickets $17.35 ($12.25 concession) via Oztix.

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Sun Jul 18
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Gang Gang Cafe

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