David Bridie ‘The Wisdom Line’ Album Launch

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David Bridie is one of Australia’s most prolific and respected songwriters. He has produced six studio albums with Not Drowning, Waving and seven more with beloved, recently retired group My Friend the Chocolate Cake, as well as innumerable film and television soundtracks.

The forthcoming album The Wisdom Line will be David’s sixth solo album release. Released on March 8, the album is an immersive, multimedia project exploring themes of Melbourne, asylum, home, the transience of our relationships, and trying to make genuine connections in an interconnected world where everyone is talking on their phones.

Pushing the boundaries of a visual album, each of the 11 tracks featured on the album will be matched with a music video produced by a selection of local and international filmmakers including Andrew Wiseman, Stephanie Gould (USA), and Matej Kolmanko (Slovenia).

The series of performances that will accompany the launch and release of The Wisdom Line will involve a curated show with a live band accompanied by projections of The Wisdom Line films, as well as exclusive extra footage from the filmmakers that will only be screened during these live performances.

The Wisdom Line is a truly immersive project which combines filmmaking, soundscapes, music and spoken word as well as reflecting the collaborative tone which has underpinned David Bridie’s creative career.

Fri Jun 28
8:00 pm

The Street Theatre

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