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On The Table: By Paul Dumetz. These new works by artist Paul Dumetz explore functional ware and are the result of a three year mentorship process with established ceramic artist Maryke Henderson. Featuring striking and unique surfaces, colours and wood ash glazes, the pieces are at once utilitarian and beautiful. Paul Dumetz was the recipient of the Belconnen Arts Centre CAPO Incusion Award in 2017.

Places: By Solomon Grainger. Places is an abstract body of work capturing the essence of parts of the world that have profoundly affected the artist, and fragmented imaginings of where the future will take him. The series is personal to his own experience, yet steeped in themes that are universal, and invite his audience to ponder the rich value of their personal history, and in turn the beauty in uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Discomfort: By Joshua Sleeman-Taylor. Discomfort is an exhibition of etchings that investigate how imagery of the human body can be used as a vessel for emotional expression. Multiple references to minor movements are combined together to create new awkward forms. These figures are cumbersome, exposed and vulnerable.

Sun Jun 3
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Belconnen Arts Centre

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