CIMF – ḥarīm – حريم (2pm)

Meaning ‘a sacred inviolable place’ the word harem (ḥarīm – حريم) refers to the secluded women’s quarters in the palaces of the Ottoman Empire. This sheltered place was a centre of devotion, artistic pursuits and often political intrigue. In this concert we explore the traditional and modern sounds of Turkey as well as the sonic possibilities of the new contraforte.

Due to COVID-19 this event will be run twice:

Saturday May 1, 2:00pm
Saturday May 1, 4:00pm


Traditional Sufi music

Baran Yildiz plays Baran Yildiz

Brian Howard, Sentinel (WP)


Baran Yildiz, multi-instrumentalist

Ensemble Offspring

Noriko Shimada, contraforte

Miles Mullin-Chivers, cello


Banner Image credit: Painting by John Lewis, 1860s

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Sat May 1
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

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