Charm of Finches


Award winning Melbourne sister duo Charm of Finches hit Canberra in April to celebrate the first single, “Pockets of Stones”, from their upcoming third album to be released through Indie New York City based indie label AntiFragile Music.

Known for their stunning sibling harmonies and transporting melodies, Charm of Finches last album Your Company won Best Folk Album in the 2020 Independent Music Awards, was nominated for Music Victoria’s Best Folk Album and the prestigious Australian Music Prize.

“The songs and timeless melodies that you hear in a Charm of Finches performance, or in their recordings, are perhaps the nicest and sweetest sounds you will hear in a week, or a year… Incredibly young with beautiful voices and original, thought provoking song writing, COF are blowing audiences away wherever they play… Sensational and inspiring music is a wonderful thing and COF are indeed both.”

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Sun Apr 11
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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