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    1. I am confused by this review. The comments suggest this is a good film yet the star score is very low. What gives?

    2. the women mentioned in this song are not ‘queer’ and it is insulting to call them that without their consent. What is your problem with saying LESBIAN when that’s what you mean???

    3. Witchskull has got (Gods of Thunder) some NYC roots as well with bass player Tony M hailing from Queens New York. Tony is in the NYC Fourty Duce rock n roll hall of fame under the alius “GoFu@kyourself”..

      In all seriousness though, Tony is a brother from another mother and Witchskull rocks!!
      Can not wait to see you mugs on the Eastcoast of the US of A..


    4. Being short can be handy because you can fit into tiny spaces like airplane seats, but its such a drag not to be able to see or reach what’s at the back of the top shelf. I’d upgrade my legs with expandable/retractable springs so I can reach anything and still fit into small spaces when I want to.

    5. Precursor (or Necromancer as they were initially known) playing the Charnwood High cafeteria one lunch time and we’re forced to announce that the Slayer cover Black Magic was in fact an anti-Satanic song. Hilarity ensued with a spastic 20 second teenage mosh that quickly was broken up by the teachers. I can’t remember if Mitch did his incantation or not but the whole thing was hilarious

    6. What a great review of a fine example of Canberra’s independant and self funded bands! It was an absolute pleasure to work with the lads on this production and here at The Studio Jack and I are totally stoked with the results and the fact that folks can hear this band all over the Planet now. Go get em Clarity! You chaps are THE BEST. 🙂

    7. My brother’s band supported the Hard-Ons back in the 90s and loaned Blackie a guitar cab. With the exception of Ray, we found the band pretty rude. We were like “we love you guys!” and they were like “whatever…”

      1. Well, it’s mostly crews and parties listed here – all of which have male and female artists, queer artists and people of colour on their line-ups throughout the year. (If you are familiar with any of Canberra’s local scene or any of our parties, plenty of these crews have a lot of representation of various groups – it doesn’t need to be listed as feature)

        As for artists mentioned, I’m pretty sure DJ Mau Mau is gay (and Brazilian), Muhammed Felfel is Arab – I can’t speak for diversity in other artists. In a 600 word article there’s pretty limited space, and the focus should be on the music people make, not filling quotas to recognize people for belonging to marginalized groups for the sake of it.

    8. How does this song address class race and gender? It’s one of the most horrific pieces of garbage I have ever heard. Kirkland sucks and is by far the worst musician in Australia.


      Amour ~ Cabaret show with À la carte menu & bar
      When: Saturday 13 February, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
      Where: The Abbey, 26 O’Hanlon place Nicholls 2913
      Cost: $30 per person, Tickets on Sale 7pm Monday 8 Feb: The Abbey (https://www.theabbey.com.au/amour-at-the-abbey)

      Treat yourself & friends to this fabulously decadent event – Amour – due to unforeseen circumstances the 4 course meal will no longer be served, instead we now invite guests to purchase show-only tickets with the option to visit the bar or select from the delicious À la carte menu served by Ginger Catering on the night. Set amongst the superb venue of The Abbey, Gold Creek, you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity for a glamourous evening of entertainment!

    10. I haven’t written so many books this pandemic. In fact, I haven’t written every book in my life.