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    1. Do not spend .money on this show. Not in the least bit funny. Humourless tripe. Watch the world’s smartest man movie has more humour than this show minus 10 out of ten

    2. I don’t know if it is a film from comic’s book from 1950 or a bad movie from the cold war time but it is far too “simple” story with the baddies here and goodies there. I felt that the director took me for an idiot.

    3. So pleased to hear that new music is being released by my all time favorite band Crowded House…….(and I remember watching Ed Sullivan introduce The Beatles)..

    4. Nice to hear he’s off the booze again. I live near him and saw him in a few states in Summer last year. He definitely didn’t seem to be in a good place.

    5. I was at QPAC Brisbane last night to see Dark Side of the Moon totally disappointed with the show couldn’t understand one word of the lyrics and I have seen this live many times. Lighting was dreadful the group are not a patch on Beyond the Darkside cover group of Pink Floyd. And no mention of the name of the girl who sang Great Gijg in the Sky. Who was she please? I understand the music is loud but it was many decibels over the top. We wasted our money . I am a huge Pink Floyd fan at 76 years of age. They need to give it away.

    6. I agree that “The Quiet Girl” is a remarkably beautiful and memorable film, and that the performances and cinematography are outstanding. The fact that the story is presented in such a restrained and understated manner makes the final scene so overwhelmingly emotional. I would have given this film a 5-star rating, as I can’t really fault it in any way. If I were still working as a child protection worker, I would show “The Quiet Girl” to my parenting groups, just to show that you don’t have to be a perfect parent–both Sean and Eibhlin have their flaws–but you do have to treat your children with kindness, dignity, and respect.

    7. Very proud of this Canberra group! They are talented and generous with their time. I have enjoyed many of their happy shows in different occasions, danced to their beat and enjoyed myself so much. I know how hard they work and the long hours they put into rehearsal with so much dedication and love for what they do, producing wonderful rhythms . I’ll be celebrating their 10th anniversary!