Capital Punishment – Monsters

$15, tix:

Capital Punishment returns with the theme of Monsters!. Prepare two minutes of themed puns to compete, and enjoy our random pun challenges.

Think you’re punny, do you? Canberra’s competitive pun slam challenges you to strut your stuff against Australia’s pun champions. Register to compete, or just come to groan at the puns – or you could be chosen to judge as this month’s Grump Poobah.

Entry is free for contestants! Prepare up to three minutes of puns on the topic “Monsters”, and be ready to read them to the audience. After that, you’ll face some special challenges to prove you can improvise. If you triumph, you will be crowned Lord High Puntocrator of Canberra, and win a $50 bar tab. Newbies are welcome to just give it a go!

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Sat May 1
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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