Bang! Beng! Bing! Bong! Bung!

Smith’s answer to the open mic, Bang! Bing! Beng! Bong! Bung! Comprises sets of up to five songs from local musicians, new to performing or trying out new material, in front of a friendly audience.


  • Melody Bear
  • Lisa Maps
  • Dipsomaniac
  • Ben Batros
  • Jack Phemister… and
  • more welcome.

Special Guests: TBA.

Bang! Beng! Bing! Bong! Bung! is an opportunity for less experienced musical performers to have a play on a good stage with a friendly audience. The format is that five “Bungers” as we call them play five songs each, followed by a set from a more experienced performer. Original songs are preferred but not obligatory.

If you’d like to play at this or future BBBBB’s, please contact Smith’s via

Tickets: $5, at!!-beng!!-bing!!-bong!!-bung!!-63129.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 from 19:30-22:30

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Tue Sep 10
7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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