Annika Romeyn — Endurance

In my solo exhibition, Endurance, I drew inspiration from the personally significant site of Guerilla Bay, Yuin Country: a beautiful place that will always be intertwined with memories of Summer 2016/17, the last shared with my Mum. Around that time I encountered Rebecca Solnit’s thoughts on ‘the blue of distance’ (the blue at the horizon, which we can never quite reach). In the process of revisiting and reimagining such a powerful site from the physical and temporal distance of my studio, blue suggested an appropriate sense of memory and the beyond. The fluidity of the watercolour monotype medium directed the atmosphere of the work, while the drips came to signify a release, disrupting the otherwise carefully rendered environment and breaking the horizon to link sea and sky. The rock formations of Guerilla Bay are some of the oldest on the east coast of Australia, dating back as far as 510 million years, offering a humbling perspective in line with the words of Frédéric Gros: “Walking in nature gives you a feeling of duration that exceeds your own existence.”

— Annika Romeyn, 2019.

Image: Annika Romeyn, Guerilla Bay, 2019, watercolour monotype on paper, 168cm x 228cm.

Tue Sep 17
9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Megalo Print Studio & Gallery

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