A Rational Fear — Mid-Winter Bore

The Street presents — in associaton with Token Events — Australia’s most popular (and only) live comedy-news-podcast, “A Rational Fear”,  is coming to Canberra.

Burn those Chatham House Rules and loosen that cummerbund: it’s time to ridicule all that is held in reverence about the big house on the hill. It’s time for the Mid-Winter Bore.

Join Australia’s best comedic voices and political insiders as they savage the news in a fast-paced panel show that’s kind of like #Qanda on crack, featuring Dan Ilic (Hungry Beast), Lewis Hobba (Triple J), Mark Humphries (730), Shalailah Medhora (Hack), and Mike Bowers (The Guardian) and other special guests yet to be announced.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll start a diplomatic incident.

Tickets: $35, at http://www.thestreet.org.au/shows/rational-fear-hosted-dan-ilic.

The Street, 7:30–8:30, 7th Sep.

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Sat Sep 7
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

The Street Theatre

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