[Metalise] 2023 Ain’t Over Yet, Get Thyself to a Metal Gig!

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Where the fuck did 2023 go? One barely contemplates a year’s best-of list before another is due.

And yet the ebbs and flows of heavy metal in the territory continue unabated, with a plethora of announcements from afar, smattered with cancellations and recalibrations as we peer over at 2024’s horizon.

Before contemplating what’s in store, what must we do before compiling the best of ‘23? Why yes! Work out all them gigs we’re going to go to is what!

The Power of Gloryhammer

Gloryhammer will Return to the Kingdom (of Australia tour) on the eventide of the first Chuffingday of Nocturnia (Sunday, 5 November). It’s a night that could conceivably out-epic all other power metal (k)nights in Canberra’s best live venue, The Basement. Showcasing tunes from their new record, Return to the Kingdom of Fife, the band make a welcome return to Aussie shores.

Of course, with a nautical reference, only the pirate metal stylings of Rumahoy will do in support of this glorious event, with Australian speed metallers Livewire rounding out the bill. Avast! There be tickets ahead! To starboard, with haste!

Witchskull x 2

Witchskull has a busy end-of-year schedule with two shows at The Basement. The first is a headlining affair on Saturday, 18 November with Immorium, Undermines, and Loose Cannon, officially wrapping the latter half of The Serpent Tide tour.

The second show will also be at the rootingest, tootingnest live venue in support of the welcome return of Melbourne’s King Parrot. On that bill, too, is our Wacken veterans DepriVation and the blackened thrash riffage of Point 17.

The Parrot hasn’t landed in Canberra for a while. They’ve just migrated back to Australia for the warmer months, having fluttered around the states on a big flap with Weedeater and a bunch of very high-profile shows with a certain large band, 50% of which’s original members may or may not be touring Australia in 2024…

I’ve said too much. Besides, it’s only a rumour at this point. But the Parrot is back in town for Xmas, 16 December! Tix via Oztix

Lucifungus leave these shores for a chilly pre-winter Eurojaunt in November. But they shall return to The Pot Belly on Friday, 1 December, bearing gifts no less.

Did you happen to catch Pungent Stench on The Dirty Rhymes World Tour in ‘93? No? Fear not, as Shirenc Plays Pungent Stench comes to The Pot Belly with Lucifungus for some delightful Austrian death metal lovingly mixed in with questionable lyrical content. Yer tickets can be found here.

(Actually, I have a hankering for a Psychrist reunion; you guys still in town should come back and play this show for old times’ sake)

More in store for 2024

There’s much more in store with significant announcements for 2024. The Christmas present list includes the following:

In Flames on a joint national excursion with the legendary thrashers Kreator and are playing at UC Refectory on Thursday, 15 February.

D.R.I. and Hirax FINALLY get to do their long-promised tour (cancelled by Covid a couple of times, I think) to celebrate Crossover’s greatest 40th anniversary. The Basement, on Wednesday, 21 February.

Midnight play the WLVIC (Winningest Live Venue In Canberra) that is The Basement on Sunday, 3 March, joined by New Zealand’s thrashingest cohorts Stalker. Many of you have xpressed keenness for this one, so be sure to get your ticket ASAP. This promoter has been dropping shows lately, including the much anticipated Thou gig, so the best way to ensure a tour goes ahead is to get your tickets early. GET EM HERE!

Orange Goblin

A wonderful surprise from the fine folks at Soundworks was the announcement of English stoner giants Orange Goblin coming to town on a salaciously delicious three course meal of stoner rock with none other than Melbourne’s Dr. Colossus and Sydney’s Astrodeath. That is an absolute ripper of a show, and it’s happening on Sunday, 10 March at The Basement.

Machine Head and Fear Factory man a mad doubleheader dubbed Slaughter the Martour. You will need to get a hotel for this one, though, as it’s in Sydney, Enmore Theatre to be precise, on Saturday, 16 March.

And finally, Iron Maiden also announced a welcome return with The Future Past which, perhaps unsurprisingly, isn’t coming to either the Canberra Theatre or even WLVIC. The nearest is Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney all the way in September. But I believe tickets have already gone for that.

Right! Better get started on that End-Of, Best-Of list!

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