Metalise Sep-Oct 2022 – Thawing Out Edition

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Well, Hard Out! was a dope show. 

Well done to The Greenroom team and all the bands that performed. LOTS of punters braved the icy temperatures to hear a killer mix provided by Garry Peadon and the crew.

Metalise Musings for September

Welcome the weekend by returning to The Basement on Friday, 9 September for a night of n’yucks with Chain Tombstone & The Dead Men. Launching new song Beerpocalypse the lads will host a party for your pleasure.

Also invited are Axiomatic Theory, Black Mountain, and AtrocitA. Tix available from Oztix.

Newcastle comes to Canberra on Saturday, 10 September when the Hunters’ own Volatile Ways arrive in celebration of their Goddess of Rot single. They’ll be picking up Sydney’s Trenchknife on the way down to join in the mosh. Tickets are available through The Basement Oztix page.

sleepmakeswaves have been caught in that netherrealm between releasing new music in 2020 and not being able to bring it on the road til now. 


Finally, the these are not your dreams material will be unleashed live at The Basement on Friday, 23 September. The guys are bringing Closure in Moscow to the party too, so be sure and get yourself tickets… from Oztix.

Metalise asketh – Doeseth Thou Slam?

Doeseth thou slam? Put this to the test on Thursday, 28 September when Kraanium, Organectomy from New Zealand, and Inhibitor take on The Basement for the Super Slam Bros tour! Tickets from

Planet of the 8s impressed at Sunburn earlier in the year. The crew are back on Friday, 30 September with Duneeater for a stoner rockin’ good time to promote their Turned To Stone Chapter 5, a split 12” through American stoner supporters Ripple. Local lords B.C. and Grand Duke round out the fun; should be a rockin’ riff feast. Tix viz Oztix.

The thaw should well be sorted out by Sunday, 9 October when, after all the postponements, internationals return to The Basement where they hold the heathen hammer high – Týr FINALLY make it down under with Russia’s Arkona

Rumahoy and Beast Impalor round out the bill that you can still purchase VIP experience tickets too. This entails signing session, photos with the bands, early entry, crowd free merch shopping, and access to band sound check. if your link to folk metal Valhalla.  

Catch you next month for more metal mayhem.

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