Canberra Metal Fest Set Times

The first ever Canberra Metal Fest (but not the first metal fest in Canberra) is only a week away and your intrepid Metalise columnist is here to provide you with the details.

Metal - Canberra Metal Fest

As I go to press you can still get tickets from the Oztix website but you better be quick as there are not too many left. To recap, the event is one ticket that gets you access to the Basement in Belconnen for 3 nights of the absolute cream of Canberran and Australian underground metal.

Thursday January 13th – Doors @ 7pm.

Atrocita 7:00pm

Besomora 8:00pm

Plague Dweller 9:00pm

NembutoliK 10:00pm

Mytile Vey Lorth 11:00pm

Friday January 15th Doors @ 5pm

Terra Mortem 5:30pm

The Ending 6:05pm

Point 17 6:40pm

Outcest 7:15pm

Sumeru 7:50pm

Rooted 8:30pm

Wretch 9:05pm

Lucifungus 9:45pm

Remains 10:20pm

Carnal Viscera 11:05pm

WitchSkull 11:40pm

12 Guage Rampage 12:30am

Saturday January 15th Doors @ 2pm

Arkanae 2:00pm

Celestial Oath 2:35pm

LetterBomb A.D 3:10pm

Ploughshare 3:45pm

Immorium 4:20pm

Hypergiant 4:55pm

Womb to Tomb 5:30pm

Hekate 6:05pm

As Flesh Decays 6:40pm

Burn the Hostages 7:15pm

Holy Serpent 7:50pm

Carcinoid 8:30pm

Pod People 9:05pm

Gape 9:45pm

Disentomb 10:20pm

Reaper 11:05pm

Psycroptic 11:40pm

Goat Shaman 12:30am

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