PUNK & DISORDERLY RETURNS to dish out gems of the genre, with st.sinner, Highland Light, Boysclub and plenty more

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Well hello there, Canberra. Long time no see. What’s it been, like, two years since I wrote this column? Seems it’s not only is your beloved BMA that’s back, but so is your punk scene, and it’s about f**king time!

Been a very strange time for music lately since the reign of C-19, but you all know that so I’m not gonna start; it’s been talked about plenty. 

I just have my calloused fingers firmly crossed that all the rumours about Transit Bar reopening in a new location are true because boy oh boy do we need more music venues in Civic (RIP Phoenix). 

Must say, very happy that with the loss of the old Phoenix and its free entry Monday night Bootlegs, Sideway have stepped up to the plate and are now having a free entry Band Night every Thursday. We really needed another accessible platform for our local emerging acts and the crowds that want to see them but don’t have a lot of spare cash, so kudos to Sideway – the line-ups have been fab, so keep ’em coming!

So who do we have to talk about this month? Well, I wanna talk about st.sinner!

Fluffles, pictured here with st.sinner

If you’ve got your ear to the ground you might’ve heard their track Mr Prime Minister recently, and judging by the 28,000+ streams it’s claimed on Spotify since its release in mid-November, you probably have. By the time this issue hits the streets, their much hyped second single Dead For The Weekend will have come out. Prediction: We’ll froth it. Let’s see how right I am. We frothed it didn’t we? Yeah I knew it.

With no shows announced but another single release on the way, plus a music video released for Mr PM, and their own web series starting to emerge, I just wanna know; who are these guys and where the hell did they come from? 

Must take a second to applaud your hype building skills, they’re highly effective, I cannot wait to see you on that stage. I’ll be front and centre when it happens with my hands tented in a Mr Burns-style finger pyramid in eager anticipation of imminent shredding.

Another band that seems to be catching people’s eyes and ears is Highland Light.

Highland Light in full flight

I saw them playing at Sideway with local legends Slagatha Christie and The Dirty Sunflowers (who both absolutely slayed that night) and I couldn’t help but think, is anyone else getting Green Day vibes? All three members are just balls of pure energy. It was hard not to be entertained by them, and after snagging a support slot for Hands Like Houses, it seems these guys are doing quite well for themselves. 

If you’re keen to check ‘em out, I do believe they’ll be playing at The Basement with Parklands and Nina Leo on 24 February. If it ain’t sold out by the time this column is printed, I suggest you go along.

If you’re keen for some very strong, femme,  f**k off, hardcore punk energy, I highly recommend seeing Sydney grunge-witches Boysclub when they grace us with their presence on their current tour. Perhaps you saw their new music video Best For You on Rage the other night. If not, you better look it up! 

I personally am so excited to see these guys tear up the stage at The Basement, 12 March, with local punks Box Dye warming up the crowd. Tickets are already available on Oztix and this *will* sell out my friends. Prepare your heat packs for the headbanger’s hangover you’ll have the next day.

Before I wrap up, I’ve got a hot tip for y’all. The Noise Floor’s Joel Cabban has put together a playlist of Canberra bops and it’s *chef’s kiss* glorious. A few personal favourites of mine include Two Steps by Betty Alto, Slags Against The Machine by Slagatha Christie, and Dust by Boileroom.

No caption needed, really

Check out “Canberra New Music” by The Noise Floor on Spotify. With new Canberra tracks being added all the time so you’ll never be out of the loop.

Here’s to more Punk & Disorderly next time!

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